But then you know, we'd I'd be clearing a mob which was you know, guarding an objective a class objective you know, so you know, an alliance called run by Well, I'm fighting that mob grabbed the objective, right. Typical expected, right. I ran into WoW cataclysm Gold horde players and like, they were acting honorably, like, like, I was trying to grab an objective and they would pull them up off me so that I could grab it. I'm like, How is an undead rogue?

Literally more honorable than this human Paladin who just ninja did this this item for me? And I was like I remember back to Tyrion forging who was like Reese does not dictate honor and I was like dude, Tyrion for drink. Dude, he knows what's up.

So that was really surprising to me. What else was surprising was that realm first achievements were popping up like crazy world first Grandmaster, herbalist, Grandmaster miner and chanting Taylor skinning all of these pretty expected what I was really surprised about was nobody was able to get the cooking Grandmaster on the first day I went to bed and I was like still nobody has it and that so I was like, Alright, I'm curious like should I go for it? Like what's taking everyone so long? Because I was farming shovel tests right and I had all this shovel Tusk meat and I got my cooking like 400 really easy.

I was like, should I just go like the extra 50 points like what why is no one going for cooking? And I was really surprised. So I looked it up and I was like, oh, it's gated behind a level 76 quest and shoulders are base and you actually have to do some quests in order to unlock the cooking recipes.

So it's probably going to happen either today or a few days after launch. Maybe the second day is my guess but that is sort of my approximation but I was like man I should I go for this cooking world there. I'm not getting any world first guarantee you that much. Now some things to keep in mind for this first launch week rates are not going to open till next week.

So if you're not level at by this week, don't sweat it. They're not opening up until next week. So step number one my recommendation to you definitely go out of your way try to get level 80 Within the next like two weeks or so so you can get that first lockout raid. It's going to have like four raids we're gonna have vault of arc Yvonne.

We're gonna have Naxxramas we're gonna have the AI which is Malagos and we're gonna have obsidian Sanctum so definitely try to get level at start getting your lockouts are gonna be fun but hey, if you you know we want to take it easy chill Heyman is 100% a great way to level as well because I'm taking it slow I'm doing quests and I'm not dungeon spamming so if you want to take it slow enjoy the process by all means man enjoy.

The second thing to WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold for sale do after you hit level 80 heroics like crazy it's going to be super super exciting to basically get those those badges and there's actually some really good gear you can get with those badges on top of heirlooms and then we're gonna get our reputations up depending on your class when rest accord if you're a healer Argent Crusade if you're a tank Kieran tour.